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18 Feb2014

Article accepted for Information Systems and e-Business Management Our article "A visual analysis of the Process of Process Modeling", written together with Jan Claes, Jakob Pinggera, Hajo Reijers, Barbara Weber, and Geert Poels is accepted for publication in the journal Information Systems and e-Business Management.

01 Feb2014

Information movies education programs OML and IM The new information movies about our education programs Operations Management and Logistics, and Innovation Management are out. Starring me during a lecture of the BPM course! Curious? have a look at the OML movie (at 1:28 min.) and the IM movie (around 1:47 min.).


31 Oct2013

Education Award 2013 Post-Propedeuse I am very proud and honoured to have won the Education Award 2013 for being the best lecturer in the category Post-Propedeuse. The students evaluated me as a passionate, helpful and friendly teacher. I appreciate their feedback very much.

I was also nominated for the award in the Master Operations Management and Logistics program.

23 Sept2013

1st International Workshop on Communicating Business Process and Software Models - Quality, Understandability and Maintainability (CBPSM 2013) In September 2013, I am organizing the first workshop on Communicating Business Process and Software Models (CBPSM 2013), together with Marco Brambilla (Politecnico di Milano) and Dirk Fahland (TU/e).

05 July2013

Mike van Bussel nominated for TU/e Final Project Award One of my BIS-master students, Mike van Bussel, is nominated for the TU/e Final Project Award 2013. Mike graduated in March 2012 on a project with De Lage Landen.

20 June2013

Interview Eindhovens Dagblad The Eindhovens Dagblad news paper published an interview with me on the topic of more female professors at the university.

18 June2013

Keynote @ HC-IS workshop On June 18, I will give a keynote speech at the Human-Centric Information Systems workshop that is held with the CAiSE 2013 conference in Valencia, Spain. The topic of my presentation is Human-Centric Design of Process-Aware Information Systems.

04 June2013

Guest Lecture by Vanderlande Industries In the context of the bachelor course on business process simulation that I am teaching this semester, I have invited ir. Paul Thoonen from Vanderlande Industries to tell the students how simulation projects are conducted in practice and how simulation supports their business activities.

21 March2013

Poster presentation @ Science Night Maxima Medical Center During the fall semester I supervised a group of OML-minor students. Their project was about the impact of logistic processes on the care of elderly patients at the emergency department. On March 21, they present their findings as a poster at the Science Night at the Maxima Medical Center in Eindhoven/Veldhoven.

13-17 March2013

Study trip Industria From 13 to 17 March, I joined the second and third year bachelor students on a study trip to Manchester. them
We visited a number of very interesting companies in the UK. For an impression see this YouTube movie.

16 Jan2013

Visit Erik Poppe, QUT, Australia Erik Poppe, a colleague from Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, will visit us from January 10th until January 17th in the context of our BPM course (1BM05). We will conduct an experiment on collaborative process modeling with the students.


19 Dec2012

Visit Henrik Leopold, Humboldt University, Germany In the context of our BPM course (1BM05), Henrik Leopold, a colleague from Humboldt University in Germany will visit us from December 17th until December 19th to work on his PhD research and conduct an experiment with our students on the understanding of process models.

10 Dec2012

BPM Round Table meeting: BPM research in practice The next Dutch BPM Round Table meeting is held on Monday December 10th. The theme of this meeting is "Collaboration with TU/e: BPM research in practice". During this meeting a number of recently graduated students will present their master thesis project with a special focus on the usefulness and insights achieved for their graduation company. BPM practitioners as well as students are cordially invited to participate in this interactive event.

05 Dec2012

Visit Jan Claes, Ghent University, Belgium In the context of the experiments conducted during our BPM course (1BM05), Jan Claes, a colleague from Ghent University in Belgiumm will visit us on December 5th.

05 Nov2012

European BPM Round Table meeting The BPM Round Table goes international! Since the BPM Round Table was organized in the Netherlands for the first time, the concept has been adopted by countries and cities throughout Europe. At the moment, there are 21 local active BPM Round Tables in Europe. To share this success, we organized a special meeting of the BPM Round Table on November 5, 2012. At this meeting in Eindhoven, internationally well-known researchers, together with representatives of the companies they cooperate with, presented their joint work. A report on this special day can be found on .

01 Nov2012

Education Awards 2012 On November 1st, the Industria education awards were announced. I was nominated in two categories: the propedeuse (1st year of the bachelor program), and the post-propedeuse (2nd and 3rd year of the bachelor program). Unfortunately, I did not win any of the two, but my respected colleagues Van Berkum and Dijkman did, like prof. Langerak and dr. Tan for the IM- and OML-master programs. Congratulations to all of you!

14 June2012

BIS-Master student Mike van Bussel wins BPM Student Award 2012 On June 14, Mike van Bussel received the BPM Student Award 2012 for his master thesis research in Business Information Systems. Mike conducted his project with De Lage Landen; a provider of consumer credits. The topic of his research was the improvement of (automatic) task allocation to call agents in the call center. Using data mining and process mining techniques, he discovered that it would be more beneficial for the company (i.e. the chance of an accepted offer would be higher) when female call agents call male applicants back to complete the application and give further explanation. He also discovered that the time of the day the call agents call the applicants makes a difference in the number of accepted offers. Based on these and other insights Mike suggested a redesign for the task allocation in the call center based on case characteristics and call agent characteristics. A short test in real life showed the expected improvement. Mike’s project was supervised by Irene Vanderfeesten (IE&IS - IS) and Boudewijn van Dongen (W&I - AIS).

11 June2012

BPM Round Table meeting on Business Process Management in Healthcare On Monday June 11th the next BPM Round Table will take place. The topic of this meeting is Business Process Management in Healthcare (see BPM Round Table website for more information).

18 May2012

Paper on Process of Process Modeling accepted @ BPM 2012 Our paper "Tying Process Model Quality to the Modeling Process: The Impact of Structuring, Movement, and Speed" is accepted at the 10th International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2012). It will be presented during the conference in Tallinn, Estonia, from 3-7 September.


20 Dec2011

Education Awards I received two nominations for the Industria Education Award 2010/2011: one for the first year of the Bachelor of Science program, and one for the Master of Science program Innovation Management.

20-24Jun 2011

CAiSE conference From 20-24 June, the CAiSE conference is held in London. Marco Comuzzi and I wrote a paper on PBWD and monitoring of collaborative processes, which is presented at this conference (see Publications).

28Mar 2011

BPM Round Table meeting On Monday March 28, the next BPM Round Table meeting is organised at the TU/e. The topic of this meeting is "Visual Analytics". Please note that the meeting will be in Dutch!


30Aug 2010

Start new academic year The new academic year has started. In the first semester I am teaching "Set theory and logic" (1BB20) and "Enterprise information sytems" (1BM15).

3Oct 2010

TU/eXperience On October 3, the university organises an open house day, called the TU/eXperience. I am representing our group with the "virtual operation" project in the Auditorium.

19Oct 2010

BPM Educational Congress On Tuesday October 19, the Dutch BPM Educational Congress takes place in Utrecht. I am giving a presentation on the BPM courses we teach at the TU/e and on the collaboration we have with companies in the BPM area.

25-29Oct 2010

OTM conferences In the last week of October the OTM conferences are held in Crete, Greece. I am presenting our paper on the generation of process models from a product data model at the SWWS workshop.

17Nov 2010

Onderwijscafe Studium Generale: "Where are the female students?" At the Onderwijscafé on Wednesday November 17 it is discussed why the Netherlands, and the TU/e in particular, don’t do well when it comes to female participation in scientific education. Why is that and how can we change this? The glass ceiling, macho culture, a lack of social themes...? Apart from dr. Karen Ali (head STU/International Relations Office), drs. Brigitte Rijshouwer (director CEC) and prof. dr. ir. Maarten Steinbuch (Mechanical Engineering), I will also be a speaker, representing WISE-network board. Please note that the discussion will be in Dutch!

13Dec 2010

BPM Round Table meeting On Monday December 13, the next BPM Round Table meeting is organised at the TU/e. The topic of this meeting is process architectures. Please note that the meeting will be in Dutch!